“Have to say that the class surpassed my expectations! I love spin but find that it impacts on my knees a lot. This class was totally different. I felt no pain during or after the session, yet felt like i’d had a really tough workout. The instructor, music and small group made this a fun and really effective way to work out. I will definitely be back!”
Helena Searcaigh, founder of GYM TOTE


I’m not a big fan of traditional spin classes but poolbiking was a totally different experience and I loved it! You can really feel the toning effects of the water and I had a really good workout in just 45 minutes with none of the usual aches and pains afterwards. I’d highly recommend it.
Claire Burlison Green, Founder of Clubbercise


“aquAllure classes for me are a fun and not stressful way to get fit, I have various medical issues and need to attend the gym to help maintain my health, this is the first class I have enjoyed where I feel I have had a good aerobic workout, without putting too much strain on my body helping me to get fit.”
Dee S, 60


“I have never been an addict of sport, doing Zumba at home 2 times a week, I heard that Poolbiking was available in London. I told myself why not ! And now trust me I’m AN ADDICT !!!!!!! LOVE IT !!! So Much FUN , teachers are SO GREAT and you will FEEL SO GOOD at the end of the course that you are counting the days for the next one. Come and try !!!! I’m sure you will enjoy it like me ;-)”
Virginie L, 37


” Hydro cycling is such a big trend in France for years, I was patiently waiting to hit England. I was so glad once I found out about Aquallure. This has been everything I like about exercise, you feel your body getting into shape in such a natural way. It’s half exercise, half massage, you feel the water sculpting your body.”
Filipa B, 29


”In hindsight it was a crazy thing to do, booking myself onto the Aqua Cycling ‘Summer Intensive Programme’. Just as it sounds the programme comprises of three pre-booked sessions per week over a 4 weekly period. Now I am categorically no gym bunny and have never embarked on any type of course such as this and so I knew it would be interesting to see how I would cope with all this exercise! My only form of exercise has been walking and the odd jog and run around the park. However I wanted to step up my fitness and increase my stamina and core body strength whilst also strengthening my legs as running around the local park was becoming frankly, increasingly difficult.
And guess what? I loved it! I actually look forward to it. I thought people were supposed to dread these types of classes which you begin with childlike enthusiasm which abruptly ends with all manner of benign excuses! 
To begin with, upon arrival you adjust the bike (no, it doesn’t have wheels and ‘Yes’, I have been asked that!) to your limbs and awkwardly hoist it into the pool (the only bit I dislike). The instructor taps ‘play’ on the speaker and the class begins. 
The first couple of lessons were oddly not too taxing and very enjoyable. I felt great after the lessons and strangely invigorated (perhaps due to the fact classes are in the pool). Although that is not to say that these classes are not difficult. I quickly realized my weaknesses or areas which needed more strength. Personally I found the classes very beneficial as I have weak knees and so Aqua Cycling was ideal as it’s very low impact on your joints. What’s more interesting is that as you begin to move your legs under water you start to notice that the water actually massages your muscles. Incredible! The faster you peddle and the deeper the massaging action of the water. 
There is a small team of instructors who all have their own style of teaching although the methodology remains the same. There are 3 basic positions which are expanded on providing different levels of exertion on the body. If the exercises become too difficult then you can slow down (although you are urged to pedal faster, faster!). I found Aqua Cycling perfect for strengthening the core and toning muscles from the waist down. Furthermore there are some crazy movements which I am yet to perfect such as holding the seat with both hands from behind the bike and pedaling!. What I have learnt is the trick to Aqua Cycling is to keep your movements smooth and fluid which takes practice but you do improve which is great incentive.
The upper body also has a lot of attention and full use is made of being on the bike and being in the water. The upper body movements are made in the water, beneath the surface, which is surprisingly hard as the water provides a lot of resistance. I thoroughly recommend Aqua Cycling to anyone, young or old with any level of fitness. You need to bring some willpower and the desire to get better at it and you will feel a whole lot better.”
Sandeep K