H2O Spin-In Ltd, the UK distributor of Poolbiking and one of Europe’s leading producers of aquatic equipment, , is a concept born in October 2013 from the passion of a French entrepreneur for aqua cycling, and the expertise of a celebrity personal trainer. “By introducing these no-maintenance aqua-bikes into the area of your leisure facility – which are expensive to run – you create a new fitness area, attract new customers and turn your swimming pool into a profit centre. We are also offering full training and support.” says the founder. In fact, H2O Spin-In Ltd proposes a full training package with one of their master trainers from their partner aquAllure.

Thanks to their dedication to quality and innovation, Poolbiking has become the first aquabike and aquatic exercise machines manufacturers in the world; leading researches in applying advanced biomechanics, they now offer trailblazing solutions from physiotherapy to health improvements. Poolbiking is now the aquatic fitness leaders on the market !

H2O Spin-In Ltd can offer fitness clubs and leisure facilities different tailored solutions  according to their needs and requirements. Creating a new fitness area can turn your swimming pool into a profit centre by attracting new customers.  See your swimming pool as a profit centre

  • Attract new customers
  • Create a new fitness area

Please do not hesitate to contact us (sales@aquallure.co.uk) should you be interested to discuss any unique proposition or purchase POOLBIKING equipment in the UK.

Alternatively, visit: www.poolbiking.com