aquAllure is proudly using exclusively POOLBIKING equipment for  its aqua cycling classes!

Hand-made in Spain, the poolbiking aquabike is a unique aquatic stationary bike made of stainless steel AISI 316L chemically treated against corrosion after assembly. The pedals are made of resin and have a comfortable anti-bacterial EVA insole and foot strap allowing users to cycle bare feet. The bikes are adjustable and engineered to resist to the hardest fitness solicitation over 8 to 10 years.

Poolbiking bikes deliver the best performances for both individuals and professionals; built by working closely with professionals – doctors, physical therapists and sportsmen – they get the best results in rehabilitation and sports enhancement. Poolbiking, which is present in five continents, have now the most advanced range of machines on the market. Poolbiking bikes are easy to use, to handle, to store and are lightweight enough to be lifted in and out of the water by only one personPoolbiking’s full progressive resistance system has been carefully studied and developed : the hydrodynamic resistance provides a high quality cardiovascular training for the most demanding athletes, fitness professionals and rehabilitation. Resistance increases gradually, depending on the pedaling speed so that everyone can achieve a training adapated to their own capacities.

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