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The concept of aqua cycling offers a large range of opportunities to enlarge your offer and turning your pool into a profit centre. We guide you through the whole process based on your business context, structure and environment.

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Aqua Cycling Classes

Aqua cycling classes represent the easiest way to generate immediate revenue from your pool site and to create a fun, collective workout experience. Depending on your venue structure, our certified trainers can hold classes with up to 10 bikes at a time for your guests and members.



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aquAllure Gym Corner

The aquAllure Gym Corner consists of a set of unique Poolbiking aquatic equipment enabling you to explore the whole range of water-based workouts. The equipment can be either bought or leased from our trading partner H2O Spin-In Ltd and may be stored permanently in water or around the pool.



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Individual Cabin Solutions

Individual cabin solutions allow a more private workout atmosphere than classes do. These aqua cycling cabins do not need a pool site to operate, they are low in maintenance and operational costs and they represent a good opportunity for venues without a pool or a wet zone.



Personal Trainer Sessions

If you do not want to commit too much to the concept of aqua cycling but still want to offer your guests and members access to this unique workout experience, we offer individual bookable PT sessions in your venue. We will manage logistics and transportation of equipment for you.




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Physiotherapy Sessions

Medical treatments in water are used in many medical centers including hospitals, to support the recovery from injuries and to regain strength. aquAllure works together with a Physiotherapist who developped a unique workout protocol for clients with special needs. This service is bookable like a Personal Trainer Session.