Here are the key benefits you will get with a aquAllure Cycling Experience workout:

1. Burn up to 800 calories

Yes! Believe it or not, you can burn up to 800kcal per hour on a POOLBIKING session, about twice as much calories than a regular fitness workout, thanks to the benefits of water support and a high energy fitness routine: Blood circulation is stimulated and fat elimination is increased.

In fact, water resistance is 12 times higher than on land so you lose weight, shape your whole body, tone your arms and legs, sculpt your buttocks and core muscles ….and without feeling the sweat and post exercise soreness!

2. Tackle cellulite and water retention. Prevent varicose veins.

The underwater cycling movement generates a constant “palper-rouler”/lymphatic massage, multiplying by two the stimulation and the breakdown of fatty cells and fighting the orange peel aspect.

This is helped by the hydrostatic pressure of the water which in turn activates the muscles, triggers blood flow and creates a drainage effect to mobilize the fat and eliminates it via the circulation.

You will reduce cellulite and improve your skin tone!

Research proves that resistance and movement impact on muscles, generate a natural massage, drain and strengthen the entire lymphatic and veins system.

3. No Impact on joints

Your body weighs 1/5th of its weight underwater and the buoyancy of water allows you to move your joints in a wider range of motion than you can on land. It provides support for your body and decreases the weight and strain on your joints, muscles and ligaments: you avoid injury as well as tensions in the joints.

Whether you are an athlete recovering from an injury or want to reduce cellulite, poolbiking is suitable for all. It is also very beneficial for people who are overweight or have muscular or joints problems (like arthritis) and pregnant ladies seeking some gentle but physical exercise.

4. No soreness and fresh effort!

After an under water cycling session, you will hardly feel any post workout muscle soreness!

This does not mean that you did not work hard enough but that the water buoyancy did the work for you; Free of impact on joints, muscles and bones, preventing your body from any injuries or micro-trauma like on land exercise.

POOLBIKING also reduces the feeling of warmth and sweat due to the cooling effect of the water that makes easier to exercise.

5. Activate your blood flow

…and feel lighter!

The cycling movement coupled with hydrostatic pressure of the water and its positive effect on arterial pressure, increases blood flow which in turn stimulates the muscles. Overall,  POOLBIKING is great way to improve your circulation and is strongly recommended to people suffering from venous insufficiency and the symptoms of tired, heavy and restless legs.

6. Build-up cardio endurance and boost breathing capacity

While in the water, your heartbeat frequency is 10% lower than on land. You work at a higher intensity with a lower heart rate which helps reinforce your endurance.

Breathing well is the key to a good workout. The air stimulates the blood flow and brings oxygen to your muscles which help them work more efficiently.

The aerobic exercise coupled with the humid atmosphere improve your breathing capacity in a gently way and you don’t feel out of breath.

7. New state of mind: Wellbeing

Exercise helps clear your mind and water relieves stress and relaxes your muscles.

Hydrostatic pressure of water improves blood circulation and re-activates the lymphatic system and relaxes your mind

After an aquAllure session, you will soon realize that the quality of your sleep has also improved.

8. Enhance your flexibility and recovery

From being a low impact workout and with a zero-gravity-feeling, aqua cycling allows you to recover better and faster from any intense exercise or injury from your daily life.

You strengthen and tone your body while also improving flexibility and posture.

As such, POOLBIKING has been endorsed by prestigious athlete training centres in Europe.

9. Have Fun!

aquAllure group sessions mix up music with challenging routine focusing on the whole body in a fun and friendly environment.