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H2O Spin-In Ltd is affiliated to aquAllure and acts as the distributor of POOLBIKING in the UK.

POOLBIKING is the premier aqua bike and aquatic exercise machines manufacturer in the world. Their dedication to quality and innovative spirit creates the perfect environment for manufacturing ever-evolving quality equipment.

POOLBIKING was born with the idea of becoming the best manufacturer of aquatic fitness machines. Thanks to a committed team and years of experience, they have achieved their goal and are now the global hallmark in standard for aquatic exercise.

Through close work with doctors, physical therapists and elite athletes, POOLBIKING is able to offer the most efficient exercise. Leading research in applying advanced biomechanics to aquatics has meant they are able to offer trailblazing solutions for rehabilitating injuries and fighting against numerous health problems.

H2O Spin-In Ltd can offer fitness clubs and leisure facilities different solutions tailored to their needs and requirements:

  • See your swimming pool as a profit center
  • Attract new customers
  • Create a new fitness area

Please do not hesitate to contact us (sales@aquallure.co.uk) should you be interested to discuss any unique proposition or purchase POOLBIKING equipment in the UK.

Alternatively, visit: www.poolbiking.com