About Us

aquAllure was born of the vision and passion of a French expat living in London determined to share the aqua cycling benefits together with the help of a celebrity personal trainer.

The founder quotes: “I decided to set up aquAllure and bring the concept to the UK as until now I feel fitness fans like me have been really missing out. When I lived in France, I relied on aqua-cycling classes to get the results I wanted – improved fitness and reduced cellulite. As an added bonus, it gave me a much better quality of sleep post-work-out. I truly believe there’s nothing quite like it.”

aquAllure is a trading partner of H2O Spin-in Ltd, distributor of POOLBIKING equipment in the UK and is proud to use their equipment in its aqua cycling classes.

Our aim is to promote the revolutionary concept of aqua cycling and be the experts operating and providing the best sessions ever using the most effective aqua bike equipment available in the market.